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serve as Contest Director or may appoint such a person under his/her guidance who shall act to represent Promoter and not the individual.
2. The Promoter/Contest Director shall possess a copy of and be knowledgeable of the NGA Official Bylaws and the NGA Promoter Responsibilities, along with any updates or amendments.
3. It is the Promoter’s obligation to notify the NGA Office when an event has been cancelled. It is essential that notification be made within a minimum of 30 days prior to the date of the scheduled event. Failure to abide by the NGA ruling will require the Promoter to pay the NGA Sanction fee in full. This ruling has been composed to avoid shows from being cancelled.
4. NGA Promoters are considered exclusive promoters to the NGA. NGA promoters shall not enter into or agree to promote, co-promote or market for another organization while actively promoting an NGA show.
I.2.2 Contest Notices
The Promoter/Contest Director shall have the primary responsibility for the promotion of the event, including advertising and publicity, and the timely distribution of contest information, circulars and entry forms.
All notices of competition (i.e.: applications, posters, flyers, advertisements) must be submitted to and approved by the NGA and must include all pertinent information as follows:
1. The NGA official logo is mandatory.
2. It is mandatory that the title of all events shall be preceded by “NGA”. Ex. 2015 NGA American Natural Bodybuilding Championships.
3. In the event of a PRO Show, it is mandatory that the PRO Athlete amounts be clearly stated on all notices of competition, including the athlete application. It is the responsibility of the Promoter to announce to every PRO Athlete in writing every PRO payout scenario based on an assumed number of entries. Under no circumstances shall the Promoter deviate from their posted amounts (see example chart below). The PRO Athlete guidelines shall be as follows (assuming there are 5 athletes in each PRO class and the PRO entry fee is $100):
a. 1st place - $500
b. 2nd place - $300
c. 3rd place - $200

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