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The promoter also has the option to award only the 1st place winner with a cash payout. That amount shall be no less than $500.
If there are less than 5 athletes in the PRO class, the payout may be adjusted accordingly, if it is clearly stated on all event notices of competition. Assuming there are less than 5 athletes, at a minimum, the 1st place winner should receive at least double what the PRO entry fee is.
Example PRO payout notification:
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
5-9 Athletes $500
$300 $200
10+ Athletes $1,000
$500 $300
*Assuming the minimum number of athletes is met (5 & 10)
I.2.3 Amateur and Professional Athletes
Prior to prejudging, NGA Chairperson/Promoter shall direct all athletes into a designated enclosed area for instruction as to rules, regulations, sportsmanship and contest procedures. Officials shall not allow non-participants to attend athlete's meeting. NGA Official shall insure that all contestants have filled out all necessary forms and follow through with the appropriate procedures as stated below:
1. Insure that all participating athletes are holding a valid NGA Membership Card and are in good standing as stated in the athlete's section of this booklet. Acceptable proof shall be an NGA Membership Receipt or a canceled check or money order.
2. Collect non-refundable NGA membership fees as stated in the athlete's section of this booklet. All checks or money orders should be payable to the National Gym Association, Inc.
3. All athletes must sign a Drug Waiver Release Form before the commencement of the prejudging and maintain valid copies of the results to provide at each contest. Test results must be indicated on form.
4. Athletes must submit completed contest application to registration panel or online before entering athlete's meeting.

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