Page 12 - NGA By-Laws
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5. Registered athletes shall attach his/her line-up number to the left side of his/her posing suit or trunks.
6. Athletes who have prepaid for their polygraph test and withdraw from said competition 7 days prior to the event must send registered letter to Chairperson/Promoter requesting refund and must state reason.
7. If applicable, send all physical copies of athlete membership applications, membership fees and FAILED drug testing results to the NGA Headquarters within 24 hours after final competition.
8. Send all copies of the Master Score Sheets to the NGA office that clearly shows first and last name of each judge and their corresponding scores. The NGA Advisory Committee will evaluate judges’ scoresheets and advise Promoters of results and any action that needs to be taken.
I.2.4 Drug Testing/Retesting Policies and Procedures
The Chairperson/Promoter shall be responsible for polygraph testing/retesting as well as optional urine testing for winners (urinalysis is mandatory at the NGA PRO Universe) as stated in section V. Drug Testing Policies and Procedures.
II. Structure of an NGA Competition
NGA competitions consist of the following:
II.1 Prejudging (Day Show)
See each division for a description of the mandatory poses or t-walk.
II.2 Finals (Evening Show)
1. Presentation of the line-ups (should be omitted for classes of five or less);
2. Posing routine music:
a. Amateur Men & Women’s Bodybuilding, Amateur Women’s Physique and all PROS may provide their own music that is FREE of profanity;
b. All other Amateurs will utilize house music;
c. Posing routine to music (Amateurs: no longer than 60 seconds, PROS: no
longer than 90 seconds), however can be changed at the promoter’s
discretion; and
d. No athlete will be permitted to “guest pose” at a competition they are
competing in.

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