Page 26 - NGA By-Laws
P. 26

Duties the Day of the Contest
NGA Head Judges shall be responsible for performing the following duties during the contest:
1. Conduct a pre-contest judges meeting reviewing all expectations of judges during the contest and judging requirements.
2. Delivering the pre-contest address to the competitors, explaining the proceedings, and answering all questions. Attention should be given to sportsmanship and assuring that first time competitors are aware of what the contest will consist of;
3. Making sure all judges are present and have their score cards set-up properly;
4. During the judging, the Head Judge will perform the following duties:
5. Calling for the poses (if competitors are routinely not posing in unison, cues should be given)
6. Warning competitors regarding rules and violations
7. Communicating with the judging panel regarding comparisons and when a class has been sufficiently judged
8. Rearranging the line-up for comparison purposes. Care should be taken to perform this function considering the input of all the judges. If a Head Judge is too autonomous in altering the line-up, he can inadvertently influence the other judges and possibly compromise the placements
9. Splitting large classes into top and bottom halves to allow adequate space for the competitors. This should also be done utilizing the input of the other judges. To assure accurate judging, the low finishers in the top half should also be compared to the high finishers in the bottom half.
10. Double check all score sheets before the final placings are printed.
11. Entering all the placements on the master score sheet, totaling the points, determining the placements, presenting the results to the announcer, and keeping track to make sure all announced placings are correct.

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