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IV. Athlete’s Rules
Only those male and female athletes who adhere to the National Gym Association (NGA) rules and policies, and who meet qualifications for eligibility explained in these By-Laws will be allowed to compete in an NGA sanctioned amateur, or a professional qualifier for the NGA PRO Division.
IV.1 Athlete’s Registration
IV.1.1 NGA Member
All amateur athletes (excluding transformation and kids divisions) shall pay the current applicable fee for an NGA Amateur Membership Card prior to competing in any NGA sanctioned competition. All professional athletes shall pay the current applicable fee for an NGA Professional Membership Card. Membership will expire the following year prior to the month that the athlete enrolled.
IV.1.2 Contest Entry Fee
Promoter has the option to set entry fee. All fees shall be submitted upon completion of contest entry form. All teenagers and masters must show proof of age.
IV.1.3 Use of Alcohol
Athlete use of alcohol/liquor on any premises of an NGA sanctioned event is strictly prohibited and is ground for disqualification
IV.1.4 Sportsmanship
Any athlete who demonstrates poor sportsmanship at a contest shall be banned from NGA events for 6 months. Poor sportsmanship includes:
1. Not accepting or destroying trophy on stage.
2. Walking off stage with an attitude.
3. Not appearing at evening show without a valid reason given to the Chairperson
or Promoter.
4. Or any irregularity or bad behavior will constitute poor sportsmanship.
V. Drug Testing Policies and Procedures
All NGA athletes must be completely free of the performance-enhancing drugs, as listed below. The length of drug abstinence may be lengthened by the NGA Staff (i.e.: natural for life) when policies are examined on an annual basis. The NGA Staff prior to the calendar year will announce any such changes when the alteration is to take place.

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