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V.1 Polygraph Testing
NGA athletes, both amateur and professionals must undergo and pass a polygraph test at each NGA sanctioned contest in which he/she is to participate unless a valid drug waiver form is presented. A Certified Polygraph Examiner that is confirmed and approved by an NGA Official must conduct polygraph testing.
All polygraph tests given at an NGA event shall be valid for 90 days. It is the athletes' responsibility to obtain, maintain, and present his/her waiver form to the Chairperson or Promoter at the current contest so that the athlete will not have to be retested and pay the testing fee. If an athlete cannot show proof of a passed polygraph from a certified and approved Polygraph Examiner, he/she must take another polygraph.
Athletes MUST have a current NGA Membership Card PRIOR to undergoing polygraph testing. All consent, waiver, and entry forms MUST also be signed before testing. The polygraph test must be conducted before contestant can participate in the Prejudging, unless scheduling problems dictate that the polygraph be conducted between Prejudging and the Final shows. Absolutely no athlete may participate in the Finals show without submitting to a polygraph test.
V.2 Urinalysis Testing
Promoters have the option to conduct a urinalysis test for all NGA amateur and PRO sanctioned shows. However, the NGA has strict qualifying standards for testing and retesting procedures regarding drug use for athlete participation.
All athletes competing in the NGA PRO/AM Universe or the NGA American Natural Championships (The Nationals) are subjected to a random urine test at the discretion or the recommendation of the Head Judge. However, it is mandatory that the top two PRO winners at the NGA PRO Universe in each division receiving monetary prizes are required to be urine tested. Any other PRO place winner that receives a monetary prize may also be subjected to a urine test. If there are less than five athletes in a PRO class at the NGA PRO Universe, it is the Head Judge’s discretion to test only the winner.
Prize money will not be awarded until all results of urinalysis tests are received by the NGA Office. If an athlete fails, all athletes in that division will move up a placing and prizes will be distributed accordingly.
V.3 Banned Substances
The following substances and related compounds are banned by the National Gym
Association, Inc. (NGA) and their use constitutes grounds for dismissal from NGA competitions and suspension from membership in the organization for seven years. Please note that it is the athletes’ sole responsibility to refer to the following list regarding current supplements he/she may be taking. It is the athlete’s responsibility to research all the ingredients of a prescription or supplement before consuming them to ensure that you are not ingesting something that can cause you to fail a drug test.

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