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Although they are not approved or regulated by the FDA, SARMS are also on the list of NGA Banned substances and will not be permitted in any NGA sanctioned shows. Because their intent and use are for performance enhancing and have similar effects as steroids on the androgen receptor they will be considered Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED). They currently have no medical approval so are not acceptable for the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Guidelines as set forth in the NGA By-Laws even if prescribed from a Physician. They include but are not limited to:
• MK-2866, GTx-024
• LGD-4033
• GSX-007, S-4
• GW-501516
• LGD-3303
V.3.7 Miscellaneous
(Ostarine) (Ligandrol) (Andarine) (Cardarine)
1. Muscle Implants of any kind
2. Chemical/drugs for the purpose of deceiving or passing the polygraph or urine
3. Any illegal or illicit bodybuilding drug or substance
4. Any FDA Banned Substance except if otherwise indicated.
V.4 Medical Necessity
Those who take Prescription medications that contain banned substances will be considered eligible to compete if they meet the criteria set forth by the NGA and are approved by the NGA medical advisory panel. They must demonstrate that these medications are only being taken on the advice of a medical professional due to an existing condition that affects quality of life. In these special circumstances, a competitor will be required to provide documentation from their doctor on letterhead stating the name of the Banned Substance and dosage along with the current ICD-10 code. The athlete must inform the Promotor/NGA in advance of their intent to compete in an NGA show and may be required to have their documentation reviewed by the Medical advisory panel before they can be allowed to compete. The accredited medical doctor must specifically attest to the fact that the medications or banned substances are prescribed to bring the athlete to a “normal” level for the individual. Current blood test results must also be provided showing the levels are within the “normal” range within 30 days of the date of the show.
In this specific event, the athlete may also be required to submit to a current polygraph (regardless of whether they took a polygraph within the last 90 days) that includes questions regarding the accuracy and legitimacy of the documents.

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