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V.4.1 Testosterone (Injections, patches, gels).
Considerations may be taken to athletes that are utilizing testosterone for medical
necessity. In this case, said athlete must provide a current blood or urinalysis report that will indicate their levels are in normal range for their age. This report must be submitted prior to the competition that they are competing. However, if the report reads that their testosterone levels are high or out of range then their results would be verified as a FAILURE. The athlete must pass both the polygraph and the blood/urinalysis tests to become eligible to compete in the NGA.
Testosterone/Epitestosterone Ratio
The T/E ratio is used to measure the presence of exogenous testosterone, or illicit elevation of testosterone levels. A T/E ratio more than 6.0:1 is ruled as positive. Any substance that elevates T/E ratio above 6:1 is banned.
V.4.2 Diuretics
Considerations will be granted to athletes that have or are currently taking diuretics. Athletes shall have discontinued the use of diuretics for a minimum of 30-days prior to the event. When polygraphed these athletes shall be questioned on the 30-day period of sustaining from taking any diuretics. They must meet the guidelines as stated in section V.4 and be reviewed by the NGA Advisory Panel.
V.5 Acceptance of Testing Results as Final
All NGA member athletes must sign a liability waiver freeing the NGA, NGA Staff, Promoter, Sponsors and all other assignees of these from liability regarding drug-testing. Athletes will not be allowed to compete without signing all required waiver forms. Athletes thereby accept the test results as final and legally binding and agree to abide by the results in reference to the participation in any NGA sanctioned event.
V.5.1 Polygraph Failures
The NGA has set up the following procedures to be followed when an athlete is not able to pass the polygraph test:
1. The athlete is automatically out of the competition for which he/she tested.
2. The athlete has the option of taking a retest at his/her own expense in the case of a polygraph failure.
3. If no retest options have been taken by the athlete, he/she will be banned from NGA competition (seven years for amateur and professional athletes) from that contest date.
4. If the athlete fails, the Polygraph Examiner must submit a written report and test charts stating his professional opinion as to why the athlete has failed the said

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