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VI.3 PRO Master Divisions
1. All Promoters can apply for a sanction to promote a PRO Masters event
2. PRO Master Qualifier - NGA competitive athlete must be at least (40 years of age for men and 35 years of age for women). The promoter has the option to split the class depending on the age group allowing 2 athletes to turn PRO in the PRO
master division.
3. Qualified PRO Masters - Cannot reenter a master non-qualifier event. Athletes can compete in another master qualifier or move up in the tier divisions established by the NGA.
4. PRO Masters Qualifier Events - Promoters must ensure and protect the quality of all athletes by maintaining a minimum of 5 athletes per class for PRO-status awards.
5. Professional Open and Professional Master Divisions - athletes that receive prize money must maintain PRO-status, as a professional or they must requalify.
VI.4 Maintaining Amateur Status While Holding a PRO Card
Athletes who hold an NGA PRO Card and have not placed in the money or have not
accepted the money can still maintain their amateur status and enter NGA amateur shows. These rules will offer an athlete the opportunity to continue competing in NGA PRO qualifiers, so they can reach their goals in attaining other overall championship titles.
VII. Bodybuilding Competition VII.1 Judging Criteria
1. Class Breakdown
Men’s Bodybuilding classes shall consist of the following 4 weight classes:
• Lightweight – up to 156 1⁄4 lbs.
• Middleweight – over 156 1⁄4 lbs. to 172 1⁄4 lbs.
• Light Heavyweight – over 172 1⁄4 lbs. - 189 1⁄4 lbs.
• Heavyweight – over 189 1⁄4 lbs.
The promoter has the option to run one class with five or less competitors.
• Women’s Bodybuilding class breakdowns are at the discretion of the promoter.

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