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Front Double Biceps
Contestant should stand on two feet and have upper arms out to the sides parallel to the floor, with elbows bent at approximately 90-degrees with forearms parallel to torso. Legs, lats, chest, abdominals, and arms should be flexed.
Front Lat Spread
Contestant should face stage FRONT facing the judges and grasp the waist with closed hands and spread elbows to flare latissimus. Show judges the width of the lats as well as detail in the lats, teres major, rhomboids and trapezius, erectors and rear deltoids.
Side Chest Pose
Contestant should stand on foot farthest from the stage with front leg bent to show the calf and leg biceps. The front arm should be bent at approximately 90-degrees with the rear hand gripping at the wrist. The chest should be lifted and the abdominals pulled in tightly. The competitor may pick a side of choice to display to the judges unless told otherwise.
Attire: Suits worn by women’s bodybuilding athletes for prejudging must be a two-piece that crosses in the back. Suits do not need to be a solid color. The bottom of the suit must be v-shaped and absolutely no thongs or micros are permitted. All suits must be in good taste. No heels may be worn, or props will be used at any time during competition/judging. Men’s bodybuilding athletes shall be solid color posing suits in good taste. Absolutely no thongs are permitted.
Structure of an NGA Bodybuilding Competition
NGA bodybuilding competitions consist of the following:
VII.2.1 Prejudging (Day Show)
VII.2.1.1 Symmetry Round
Relaxed poses from front, left side, rear, and right side. Competitors should be semi- flexed, not aggressively posing. The feet should remain flat on the floor and the body and head facing stage left and stage right for the side shots.
VII.2.1.2 Muscularity Round - Mandatory Poses
Athletes will be called in groups of three to six to stage front for Mandatory Pose comparisons. Judging panels associated with the NGA shall use the following mandatory poses. These poses should be presented such that the judge may make a clear determination of comparisons, with contestants not turning from side-to-side (unless instructed). Contestants must hit the pose and relax on the command of the Head Judge, or he/she will be penalized with lower placement for not following instructions. The poses are:

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