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Side Triceps Pose
Contestant should stand in leg position like side chest pose, with the frontal arm hanging alongside the body, grasped at the waist by the rear hand from around the lower back. The triceps should be tightened, shoulders, chest and abdominals flexed, and the legs and calves tight. The side of choice may be displayed unless instructed otherwise.
Back Double Biceps
This pose is exactly as the frontal version except that the contestant must bring the leg of choice toward the judges and "spike" the foot to show calf and leg biceps development. Contestants should not lean excessively toward the rear of the stage, nor lean backwards too far toward the judges.
Back Lat Spread
Contestant should face stage rear with calf of choice "spiked" toward the judges and grasp the waist with closed hands and spread elbows to flare latissimus. Hamstrings and glutes should be flexed, with emphasis on showing judges the width of the back (V-shape) as well as detail in the lats, teres major, rhomboids and trapezius, erectors and rear deltoids.
Overhead Abdominal with Quads
The contestant must stand facing the judges with one leg extended slightly forward, and with hands clasped behind the neck. The abdominals must be fully flexed, with air expelled, with the legs and chest also tight. One-arm variations of the abdominal pose are PROHIBITED unless instructed by the Head Judge.
Most Muscular Pose
This pose will be required only for the men. The contestant must stand with one leg slightly extended toward the judges and assume a favorite of the following most muscular poses. Either the "crab", hands-on-hips or partial crab (with one hand behind back) variations may be used. Side most muscular poses are not permitted unless instructed by the Head Judge.
Optional Poses
The judging panel may request additional poses depending on necessity. These may include Side Hamstring Curl, Stand-On-Calves Pose, Serratus Side Pose, etc.
VII.3 Finals (Evening Show)
1. Presentation of the line-ups (should be omitted for classes of five or less);
2. Posing routine shall include all mandatory poses;
3. Announcement of the top five per class;
4. Pose down (class);
5. Presentation of class awards;

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