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6. Symmetry and muscularity comparisons for class winners (judged);
7. Pose down (overall); and
8. Presentation of overall awards.
VIII. Classic Physique Competition
Is for athletes that want to put on more size & muscularity than Men's Physique, but not to the extreme of a Bodybuilder. Classic Physique bridges the gap between a bodybuilder & Physique. While symmetry and muscularity are still important, the focus in Classic Physique is on the Classic Physique posing, presentation, and execution of classic poses.
VIII.1 Judging Criteria
2. 3.
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Class Breakdown
Classic Physique classes shall consist of 3 weight classes:
Lightweight – up to 156 1⁄4 lbs.
Middleweight – over 156 1⁄4 lbs. to 172 1⁄4 lbs. Heavyweight – over 172 1⁄4 lbs.
The promoter has the option to run one class with five or less competitors.
The judges look for fit athletes that display symmetry, proper shape, muscularity, and overall conditioning, as well as stage presence and personality. Extreme muscularity will be marked down.
Attire – Solid color black spandex shorts. The NGA logo is the only bodybuilding organization logo allowed on shorts.
VIII.2 Structure of an NGA Classic Physique Competition
NGA Classic Physique competitions consist of the following:
VIII.2.1 Prejudging (Day Show)
1. Symmetry Round - Quarter turns
2. Muscularity Round - Mandatory Poses
3. Front Double Biceps
4. Side Chest
5. Back Double Biceps
6. Abdominal and Thighs
7. 3 Classic Poses of athlete’s choice (Most muscular is excluded)

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