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5. Comparison Round
• The competitor will be brought back out in a group and be directed to do
• Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each
other in turns.
IX.2 Judging Format Prejudging
Quarter turns
The T-Walk will start from back of stage to the house music. At the pivot points, quarter turns and pauses will allow for repositioning, attitude display and professional demeanor. Two or three poses will be executed at each point. Finals routine will be a maximum 60 seconds for amateurs with house music and 90 seconds for Pros, performed to music of athlete’s choice following the rules set forth by the NGA. The promotor has the option to adjust the maximum time limit. Music containing profanity or explicit language will not be allowed and may result in being disqualified from contest.
IX.3 Attire
Suits worn by men’s physique athletes for prejudging and finals must be board shorts with no evident brand logos. All suits must be in good taste. No props will be used at any time during competition/judging of men’s physique.
X. Women’s Physique Competition
X.1 Judging Criteria
Symmetry, Shape, Proportion, Muscle Tone, Poise, and Beauty Physique comparisons will take place during prejudging.
Women’s Physique Division is for women who enjoy weightlifting and competing. Athletes should display a tone, athletic physique showcasing femininity and muscle tone, more muscular density than seen in figure with clear muscle separation and a small amount of striation is acceptable. There shall be an emphasis on muscular development with full muscle bellies with good balance between upper and lower body.
Unlike Women’s Bodybuilding, what is not looked for in women physiques are:

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