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flexed, and the legs and calves tight. The side of choice may be displayed unless instructed otherwise.
Back Double Biceps
This pose is exactly as the frontal version except that the contestant must bring the leg of choice toward the judges and "spike" the foot to show calf and leg biceps development. Contestants should not lean excessively toward the rear of the stage, nor lean backwards too far toward the judges.
Overhead Abdominal with Quads
The contestant must stand facing the judges with one leg extended slightly forward, and with hands clasped behind the neck. The abdominals must be fully flexed, with air expelled, with the legs and chest also tight. One-arm variations of the abdominal pose are PROHIBITED unless instructed by the Head Judge.
Finals routine will be a maximum 60 seconds for amateurs and 90 seconds for Pro’s, performed to music of Athletes choice following the rules set forth by the NGA. The promotor has the option to adjust the maximum time limit. Music containing profanity or explicit language will not be allowed and may result in being disqualified from contest.
X.3 Attire
Suits worn by women’s physique athletes for prejudging must be a two-piece that crosses in the back. Suits do not need to be a solid color the bottom of the suit must be v- shaped absolutely no thongs are permitted. All suits must be in good taste.
No heels may be worn, or props will be used at any time during competition/judging of women’s physique.
XI. Figure Competition XI.1 Judging Criteria
The Following Standards will be used as Guidelines:
1. A general athleticism to the body (a feminine conditioning) will be viewed in mandatory quarter turns.
2. In each quarter turn: a relaxed erect stance, eyes and head facing the same direction as the body, heels together, feet inclined outward at a 30-degree angle, knees together and unbent, stomach in, chest out, shoulders back, arms relaxed at side and slightly back from center line of the body, elbows slightly bent. As the

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