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athlete turns, the positioning of the arms will cause the torso to torque toward judges and open-up features, lines, and shape.
3. The contestant should show good balance, proportion and symmetry of her physique. Evidence of ab muscles is preferred. Figure competitors must present a wide back with depth, sweep to the quads, a well-conditioned core, definitive roundness in the delts, a small amount of muscle separation, a nice “V” taper, and tight glutes with definitive separation between the glutes and hamstrings.
a. There shall be no evidence of muscle striations, graininess or muscle thickness as seen in Women’s Physique.
4. From the front, shoulders should be well defined and flow nicely into the triceps and biceps. There should be a taper in the lats into the oblique, noticeably flowing into the sweep of the upper thigh. In general, her physique should show separation and conditioning but not be over lean or striated.
5. From the side, her body should show a nice taper from the lat, to tie into the oblique -showing an “oblique sweep”. The legs should be muscular with a minimum separation of the quads. The calves should be well developed, and semi- flexed with the use of heels.
6. From the back, the shoulders should be well toned, a balanced posture and the lats having a nice taper to the lumbar area. The glutes and hamstrings should be firm and should show a well-developed outer sweep to the thigh. Calves will be firm and nicely developed. Limited body fat in this area is a strong adage.
7. Presentation and color tone will be considered. We do not judge scars or tattoos.
8. Transitions from each quarter turn should be fluid without hesitation and her poise must be well practiced.
9. Overall polish, hair, make-up and accessories can make a difference. It is recommended to use heels, not platforms. Pastel and skin colored suits wash out on stage. Body piercing is allowed, but jewelry should be limited.
10. T-Walk will start from the side of the stage with the house music. At the pivot points, quarter turns and pauses will allow for repositioning, attitude display and professional demeanor. Two or three poses will be executed at each point. Finals routine will be a maximum 60 seconds for amateurs with house music and 90 seconds for Pros. Pros perform to music of their choice following the rules set forth by the NGA. The promotor has the option to adjust the maximum time limit. Music containing profanity or explicit language will not be allowed and may result in being disqualified from contest.
11. At the pivot points, quarter turns and pauses will allow for hair repositioning, attitude display and professional demeanor. Waves and smiles are always nice.

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