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XII. Bikini Competition
The NGA recognizes that fitness takes on many levels. The purpose of this division is to allow athletes who are physically fit, hold a strong image for stage and camera, compete in a fair and drug free arena. We are looking for fit, toned, proportionate builds, with feminine shape and conditioning that is universal in appeal.
In every class there exists the difficult task of the judging staff placing competitors based on basic criteria. This is especially difficult when you have a competitor that may be considered to have too much muscularity for their class versus a competitor in the same division that lacks being fit and tone (i.e. Bikini vs. Figure). In this instance, because it is a bodybuilding competition, the competitor that would be considered having too much muscularity shall be considered for the higher placement.
1. Women of all ages who are interested in stage experience or a personal best can
2. Persons interested in pursuing a modeling career in the fitness and health
3. Athletes who feel they are marketable on stage and in print, and in a variety of
XII.1 Judging Criteria
Competitive Components
The overall image of the athlete is a toned, sculpted physique that bears firmness, non- evident body fat and a fitness style. This translates to an overall body quality with mild definition and not muscular separation. Athletes will want to give the impression that they work out, did more than just diet to get there, and can maintain this impression long after the curtain closes.
Throughout the competition, Judges will consider the following:
Balance and symmetry: Upper torso is as developed as lower, side to side and back to front. Muscle groups are complete and in proportion and not overly developed or defined. Evidence of ab muscles is acceptable. Bikini competitors must present a conditioned core, small amount of roundness in the delts, slight separation between the glutes and hamstrings with full round glutes.
a. There shall be no evidence of muscle striations, graininess, square glutes or muscle separation or density as seen in Figure.
Tone and Condition: Athleticism in its truest form is a tight and toned physique. We ask that athletes bring a totally fit look to the stage. This includes complexion, face, hair, smile, and beauty.

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