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XIII.1 Judging Criteria
Competitive Components:
The overall image of the Bikini Model competitor is beauty and a toned physique that is complimented by an extravagant themed costume. The only other criteria are no thongs or micro bikini tops.
Throughout the competition, Judges will consider the following:
1. Tone and Condition: a tight and toned physique and includes a polished complexion, face, hair, smile, makeup, and beauty.
2. Poise and presentation: How the competitor carries themselves, posture, balance, graceful movement, positioning, stature, confidence and finesse.
3. Style and stage presence: Competitors own self-expression, appeal, how athlete projects themselves, image, camera savvy, stance, posing in creative and attractive ways. Competitors overall look is important and should include a sense of vibrancy, charisma, confidence, sex appeal, a positive and fun attitude, personality and individual style.
4. An extravagant, classy, tasteful and feminine costume that enhances their physique along with a bikini. Pay attention to style, fit, colors, a flattering costume that resembles high fashion or “Vegas” style themes. Micros and thongs are prohibited. Clear high heels.
XIII.2 Prejudging (Day Show) Comparisons
The class is brought out and half turns are called. Arms and leg positions are at athlete’s discretion. Facings are from front and back. Relaxed poses that show off the competitors’ costume and overall body tone are required. Officials may move competitors around for comparisons. As a group, the class will be instructed to pose at their own discretion, walk to the back, face the judges then walk to the front.
Bikini Model poses will consist of front and back only. Competitors may not bend over when executing the back pose. Points may be deducted if the Bikini Model competitor bends over during the back pose.
Short Stage Walk
At the discretion of the Promoter and/or Head Judge, competitors may be asked to execute a short stage walk for the judges to observe overall presentation, poise and stage presence.
All ladies are in line at stage back. Athletes will be called forward individually. Athletes 44

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