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will perform one to two poses at center, left, and right stage. Return to center for a final pose and return to the line-up. These poses are open to the competitor’s style. We encourage taste and flare.
XIII.3 Finals (Evening Show)
Once again the class is brought out for overall impression. Each participant is then allowed 60 seconds (90 seconds for Pros) for free style stage presentation. It is customary to follow a stage T walk outline that is performed to music of athlete’s choice following the rules set forth by the NGA. The promotor has the option to adjust the maximum time limit. Music containing profanity or explicit language will not be allowed and may result in being disqualified from contest. Amateurs will perform to house music.
Judges will review how competitors work the stage, presentation, costume originality, personality, and overall beauty. This is the Bikini Models time to shine, go all out and showcase both their hard work in the gym and their originality in their costumes.
NOTE: Classes for all Women’s Division are at the discretion of the Promoter for utilizing height or weight.
XIV. Fitness Competition - (Men & Women)
Judges are strongly reminded that they are judging FITNESS competition and not a BODYBUILDING competition. The type of muscularity, vascularity, muscular definition, and/or dieted leanness displayed by a bodybuilder will not be considered acceptable if displayed by a fitness competitor and therefore, must be marked down. At all times, the fitness competitor must be viewed with the emphasis on a “healthy, fit, athletic” physique, in an attractively presented “Total Package.”
In coordination with the NGA by-laws the following standards will be used as guidelines:
1. A general athleticism to the body (conditioning) will be viewed in mandatory quarter turns.
2. In each quarter turn to the right: a relaxed erect stance, eyes and head facing the same direction as the body, heels together, feet inclined outward at a 30-degree angle, knees together and unbent, stomach in, chest out, shoulders back, arms relaxed at side and slightly back from center line of the body, elbows slightly bent. As the Athletes turn, the positioning of the arms will cause the torso to torque toward judges and open-up features, lines, and shape.
3. The contestant should show good balance, proportion and symmetry of their physique.

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