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4. From the front, shoulders should be well defined and flow nicely into the triceps and biceps. There should be a taper in the lats into the oblique, noticeably flowing into the sweep of the upper thigh. In general, the physique should show separation and conditioning but not be over lean or striated.
5. From the side, the body should show a nice taper from the lat, to tie into the oblique showing an “oblique sweep”. The legs should be muscular with a minimum separation of the quads. The calves should be well developed, and semi- flexed with the use of heels.
6. From the back, the shoulders should be well toned, a balanced posture and the lats having a nice taper to the lumbar area. The glute’s and hamstrings should be firm and should show a well-developed outer sweep to the thigh. Calves will be firm and nicely developed. Limited body fat in this area is a strong adage.
7. Presentation and color tone will be considered. We do not judge scars or tattoos.
8. Transitions from each quarter turn should be fluid without hesitation and poise must be well practiced.
9. Overall polish, (including hair, make-up and accessories for women) can make a difference. It is recommended women use heels, not platforms. Pastel and skin colored suits wash out on stage. Body piercing is allowed, but jewelry for women should be limited.
10. T-Walk will start from back of stage to the house music. At the pivot points, quarter turns and pauses will allow for hair repositioning, attitude display and professional demeanor. Waves and smiles are always nice.
XIV.1Prejudging (Day Show)
Round One: Assessment of the Fitness Routine
Costume or Fitness Outfit for Women and Spandex Shorts for Men
In these rounds, athletes perform a fitness routine, to music selected by the competitor, the length of which shall not exceed 2 minutes and FREE of profanity. Once again, the judge should consider the “Total Package”, that is, the entire routine from the moment the athlete presents their selves onstage until the moment the athlete walks offstage. The judges are reminded that, during this Round, they are judging ONLY the fitness routine and NOT the physique. The judge should look for a well-choreographed and creative routine performed at tempo/speed. Compulsory movements are mandatory. The routine shall include the following at a minimum:
• Women: One arm pushup, straddle hold, leg extension hold and high kick.
• Men: Hand stand, one arm pushup, straddle hold, leg extension hold, 90- degree kick, 360 aerial spin and back flip

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