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• The number of strength moves, their degree of difficulty, and the overall creativity of the moves should be considered in the judging of the routine. Optional strength and flexibility movements may include front and/or side splits and one arm handstand.
2. The TEMPO of the routine demonstrates a degree of cardiovascular fitness, stamina, and endurance. For example, if two routines contain the same type and number of strength and flexibility movements, the routine that is performed at a faster tempo is the more difficult to achieve if the movements are correctly performed. Once again, the judge must always consider the “Total Package” and not just the sum of the individual movements. There is a component - an element of “showmanship”, which competitors bring to a fitness routine that is unique to them. This is their personality, charisma, stage presence, and charm, as well as a natural rhythm that should play a part in the final placing of each competitor.
Round Two: Two-Piece Suit or Costume for Women and Spandex Shorts for Men:
• Contestants may be brought out individually for a short stage walk for the judges to observe overall presentation, poise, and stage presence.
• Contestants will be brought out all at once and do quarter turns. Solid color two-piece suits or costumes for women are required. Ornamentation, like sequins, is permitted. No thongs permitted. No oil may be used. Sheen is okay. Jewelry and hairpieces may be worn. No props are used. Heels are mandatory.
• Judges are scoring Shape/Symmetry and Tone/Condition. The judges may move Athletes around. Keep smiling and listen to the calls. Body shape includes how the muscle groups are shaped, pleasing to the eye, balanced.
• Symmetry is how they fit together, the harmony and proportion of the physique. The body structure should have an equal ratio of torso to leg length, shoulders to hips, etc. This also includes the equal development of upper to lower body groups.
• The judges will look for a fitness type of physique, which includes a level of overall muscle tone achieved through athletic endeavors but not a bodybuilding development style. The muscles having a round and firm appearance, indicating muscle tone and condition. There should be muscle definition between major muscle groups, like biceps and triceps, but not excessive separation or cut. Muscle tone also means the absence of excessive fat and water with a sense of overall body hardness. Judges will look for an even balance of muscle to frame and balance of body parts to each other.

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