Page 55 - NGA By-Laws
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XIV.2 Finals (Evening Show)
1. Contestants will be brought out again as a group. The two-piece swimsuit for women with simple ornamentation or a fitness costume is acceptable and spandex shorts for men. Exiting off stage, Athlete will be re- introduced individually for “T-Walks”. Follow the stage directions given earlier, and stroll at a pace that will take up approximately: 60 seconds (90 seconds for Pro’s). Athlete will be judged on Presentation/Poise. Judges are looking for confidence, grace and overall style. Charisma, inner beauty, and appearance are considered. How an athlete walks, carries him or herself and “comes across” is pertinent.
2. A final line-up may follow. Judges may ask to compare contestants for any final comparisons.
3. Each round will be worth one half of the total score.
4. At the awards time, all athletes will come out for a final group stroll.
5. The top three or five (at the promoter’s discretion) will receive awards or trophies.
6. The Overall (or Class) Winner, depending upon the Tier level and regulations, will receive her invitational application to join our Elite NGA PRO Fitness Division as per the NGA rulings.

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