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not completely devoted to drug free training therefore represents a conflict of interest for an NGA Chairperson or Promoter. NGA Chairpersons and Promoters are strongly advised not to participate as competitors, promoters, judges, or officials of any organization that does not drug test all its shows nor should they be involved in any media entity not one hundred percent committed to natural bodybuilding. Even the simple act of reading a "non-natural" bodybuilding magazine in front of our competitors can indirectly promote drug use and should be avoided. All NGA Chairpersons and Promoters should be perfect role models for drug free competitions.
The following duties and responsibilities are specifically for Chairpersons:
I.1 Solicit Promoters
1. Chairpersons shall seek qualified Promoters to promote NGA natural bodybuilding events.
2. Chairpersons are responsible to ensure that NGA Promoters are fully knowledgeable and abide by all the rules set forth in the NGA By-Laws by directing and providing pertinent NGA rules and regulations material
(including the Official NGA Promoters Guidelines) to said Promoter who is promoting an NGA sanctioned bodybuilding event. This is to ensure that the highest quality standards for NGA events are being fulfilled.
I.1.1 Solicit Qualified Judges
1. Promoters are responsible to obtain qualified judges with final approval of the area Chairperson.
2. Promoter shall direct and provide pertinent NGA rules and regulations and NGA judging criteria to the appointed judges/test judges. This is to ensure that the highest quality judging standards for NGA events are being fulfilled.
3. Promoters are responsible to compensate judges. The following are suggestions:
a. Head judge = $75 minimum
b. Judge = $50 minimum
c. Expediters, backstage help and others are compensated at an amount to
be determined by each promoter.
I.2 Pre-Contest Procedures
I.2.1 Promotion of Contest
1. The Promoter for an NGA sanctioned contest shall be responsible for adherence to NGA rules and regulations falling under his/her purview. The Promoter may

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