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Welcome to the NGA Pro Athletes Gallery

Long time NGA show promoters, Francine and Andrew Bostinto, welcome men and women athletes to share their accomplishments. Andrew is president and founder of the National Gym Association (NGA).

Congratulations from all of us at NGA to you!

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Tracy Simonds - Pro Figure, Pro Master Figure, Pro Bikini, Pro Master Bikini, Promoter, Judge
Tracy Simonds

Tracy Simonds - Pro Figure, Pro Master Figure, Pro Bikini, Pro Master Bikini, Promoter, Judge

Personal: Married, 2 Children



Facebook: tracy simonds

State (residence): Florida

Available for posing exhibitions and/or seminars: Yes

Occupation: Massage Therapist and Weight Loss Coach

Hobbies: Golfing, fishing, reading fiction, shooting, watching movies, and hanging out with my family

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Band: 3eb

Food: Mexican

NGA Promoter: Since 2017

Judge: Since 2013

NGA Pro Athlete: Pro Figure, Pro Master Figure, Pro Bikiini, Pro Master Bikini

Pro Athlete Training since: 2011

Year Turned PRO: 2013

Height: 5' 51/2"
Weight: Preshow 128 Weight: Show 122

Education: HS Graduate, College Graduate



November 11th, 2017 - NGA Pro Universe
1st Pro Open Bikini
1st Pro Masters Bikini

Sept 30th ANBF Unaltered Sunshine State Pro/Am
2nd Pro Open Bikini

Sept 23rd NGA South Florida Pro/Am Hammer
2nd Pro Open Bikini

Sept 9th NSL Kansas City 2nd Pro Open Bikini Athletic

July 29th NGA Central Florida Pro/Am
1st Pro Open Bikini

July 22nd NSL Vanessa Campbell Open and Pro
2nd Pro Open Bikini Athletic

June 10th - NGA South Eastern Natural
2nd Pro Open Bikini
1st Pro Masters Bikini

Fall 2016
NGA FL State Natural - Bikini Tall - 1st place (PQ)
Bikini Masters - 1st Place

NSL - Erin Stern Open - Pro Bikini Athletic - 2nd

Spring 2016
5th Annual Clearwater Natural - Bikini Tall - 4th Place - Bikini Masters - 2nd Place

Lee Banks, NGA Championships - Masters Bikini - 1st - Bikini Tall - 4th
June - IFPA Bikini Masters - 4th Place

NSL6 - Miami - Pro Bikini Athletic - 1st Place

Fall 2015
OCB Maine Event Masters Figure 3rd Place, Figure Tall - 3rd Place
Nov 14th NYS Natura-Bikini Masters-1st place (PQ) - Bikini Div D-2nd Place

Spring 2014
DFAC South East Natural Figure Open 2nd Place
OCB Orlando Championships, Figure Tall - 1st Place

Fall 2014
OCB Charm City Classic Figure Tall - 3rd Place
DFAC Space Coast Classic Women's Athletic - 1st Place (PQ)

November NGA show Open Figure 1st Place
November NGA show Open Masters Figure 1st Place
November OCB (Ray Binkowski Promoter) Open Figure 4th Place
November OCB (Ray Binkowski Promoter) Masters Figure 3rd Place

May OCB (Nicole Weeks Promoter) Open Figure 1st place in Tall Division

May OCB (Nicole Weeks Promoter) Novice Figure - 1st Place
May OCB (Nicole Weeks Promoter) Masters Figure - 2nd Place
May OCB (Nicole Weeks Promoter) Masters Bbikini - 1st Place

NGA Master Figure
NGA Figure Open
DFAC Womens Athletic
IFPA Masters Bikini
NGA Bikini Open
NGA Bikini Masters
NSL Athletic Bikini

BIO: I entered my first show in 2012 because I had high cholesterol. I had always been a fit looking person; however, my diet was horrible. I decided to make some changes in my eating habits but it was hard to stick to it. My dad was a bodybuilder when I was younger. I was a little familiar with the sport of figure competing... but it had been a long time. I rationalized to myself that if I was going to get up on stage in a suit, I would have to stick to the diet. So my husband and I put together a diet and did some research. I set the date for my first show to be 6 months out. I first had one obstacle to get over....I needed to have hip surgery for a tear. With my surgery a success and clearence from the we went. I trained for 5 months. After the first show, I was hooked. Here I am (since 2009).....more muscle, low cholesterol, and a much healthier lifestyle all around. I love the sport of natural figure competition and am thankful to God everyday for giving me the health and desire to be the best I can!

Tracy Simonds

Tracy Simonds

Tracy Simonds