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Welcome to the NGA Promoter Gallery

The National Gym Association comprises a board of directors and faculty staff that include Medical Directors, PhD's, Masters in Medical Biology and Nutrition, Promoters, Personal Trainers, Current Bodybuilding Champions and many more. All are dedicated to the betterment of all-natural, drug free bodybuilding and providing world class certified professional fitness training programs.

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Rhoushanda Anthony - NGA Promoter
 Rhoushanda Anthony

Rhoushanda Anthony - NGA Promoter

Personal: Married, 3 children

Place of Birth: Shreveport, LA



Facebook: Rhoushanda Anthony

State of residence: Texas

Available for Posing Exhibition: Yes

Occupation: Owner of Iron Works Gym, Personal Trainer, and Sports Nutritionist 

Hobbies: Working out, farming, soap artistry, swimming, fishing, dancing, and watching movies

Movie: Lover of all movies

Actor: Mark Wahlberg

Favorite Band: Metallica

Favorite Performer: Don't have a favorite

Food: French fries and chocloate

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones and The Tutors

Training since: 2016

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: Preshow 143 lbs.
Weight: Show 127 lbs.

Personal Trainer Since: 2017


August 2017 NGA Texas Punisher:
- Bikini Fit Open, 2nd Place

June 2017 NGA Jimmy Colby Classic:
- Bikini Fit Novice, 4th Place
- Bikini Fit Open, 3rd Place

Education: College Graduate

Certificates: ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist, Associate Degree in Computer Programing and Graphics Design, and a gym owner.

Bio: I began my fitness journey a little over 2 years ago because I had high blood pressure and on my way to a serious heart condition. In my younger years I was a very fit person and as childern came along, I lost myself in the mom life. At the ripe age of 32, I entered my first show the summer of 2017 and absolutely fell in love with being on stage. Shortly after that, I began competing and my husband and I made a huge leap..we bought our gym to keep it from closing its doors and dedicated ourselves to helping others in their fitness journeys, whether it be in powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, or a lifestyle change. Here I stand 2 years later in a much healthier lifestyle, medication free, and stronger than ever! I also wear a coat of many colors; not only am I a busy lady with prepping, promoting, and training clients, I also homeschool my children. Life is always exciting day-to-day and I give all the glory to God everyday for giving me the strength and desire to be the best version I can be!

Rhoushanda Anthony

Rhoushanda Anthony