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 NGA Hall of Fame


Our Inductees

In 2014 the NGA Hall of Fame was created and NGA President and Founder, Andrew Bostinto, was the inaugural inductee. These NGA Hall of Famers were chosen because they have championed the sport of natural bodybuilding and have made exceptional contributions that has furthered the growth, reputation, and character of not only the NGA, but the sport of natural bodybuilding that we hold in such high esteem.

Please click on The NGA Inductee and learn who they are and why they were chosen to be inducted into the NGA Hall of Fame.

Additionally, please visit the NGA NATURALmag, for additional articles about the inductees in our NGA HISTORICAL EVENTS

NGA Hall of Fame
2022 NGA Hall of Fame Craig Toth
2019 NGA Hall of Fame Earl Snyder
2019 NGA Hall of Fame Francine Bostinto
2018 NGA Hall of Fame Marco Zanetti
2017 NGA Hall of Fame John Abraham
2016 NGA Hall of Fame David Spindel
NGA Hall of Fame 2014 Andy Bostinto