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 Rules & Regulations


The Development & Respect Of Natural Athletes

National Gym - Bodybuilding Structure
The NGA is a non-political organization that has always looked out for the betterment of the natural athletes and the sport that we hold in such high esteem. 

The NGA does not hold back any pertinent information regarding our rules and regulations.

Therefore, we have uploaded the NGA By-Laws to help inform and educate our present and future members in hopes of gaining their full confidence and understanding of our organization.


[PDF] or [download PDF]

Table of Contents

Appointed Chairpersons
& Promoters By-Laws
Structure of an NGA Bodybuilding Competition
Responsibilities of an NGA Judge
Athlete Rules
Bodybuilding Competition
Physique Competition
Women's Physique Competition
Figure Competition
Fitness Competition (Men & Women)
Bikini Competition

Interested in Becoming an NGA Judge?

NGA Promoters are always looking for new judges. Click NGA Judging [PDF] or [download PDF] to find out how you can become an NGA Judge and contact your nearest NGA Promoter for further information and test judging.

NGA Posing Videos for Women & Men

Find out what poses are required for the NGA and the proper way to help you look your best on stage. These two videos, along with the NGA By-Laws, will help ensure that NGA By-Laws are being met and to guarantee that NGA Judges are qualified in knowing how to place our athletes.

NGA Women's Video

NGA By Laws Women's posing video
Featured Athlete:
Jo-Anne Hill, NGA Pro Bikini & Figure

NGA Men's Video

NGA By Laws Men's posing video
Featured Athletes:
Antony Richburg, NGA Pro Physique (shown)
Lex Kovacs, NGA Pro Bodybuilder