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Welcome to the NGA Pro Athletes Gallery

Long time NGA show promoters, Francine and Andrew Bostinto, welcome men and women athletes to share their accomplishments. Andrew is president and founder of the National Gym Association (NGA).

Congratulations from all of us at NGA to you!

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Catherine Aranda - Pro Bodybuilder
Catherine Aranda

Catherine Aranda - Pro Bodybuilder

Personal: Married, 2 children

Facebook: dynamicfitness607

State (residence): New York

Available for posing exhibitions and/or seminars: Yes

Occupation: Certified Personal Trainer

Education: College Graduate

Training since: 2010

Year Turned PRO: 2012

Stats: Height: 5' 1"; Weight: Preshow 115 Weight: Show 105

I believe that if you have a dream or goal to achieve, anything is possible. With hard work, dedication and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true. Never stop believing in yourself.

My goal was to compete this year as a bodybuilder and I achieved that and also received my PRO status with the NGA within a year of competing which I never thought possible.

Always believe in yourself no matter what obstacles or roadblocks that may come in your path. My passion for fitness has become my life in living healthier for myself, my family, and also inspiring others to do the same.

Catherine Aranda

Catherine Aranda

Catherine Aranda