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Welcome to the NGA Pro Athletes Gallery

Long time NGA show promoters, Francine and Andrew Bostinto, welcome men and women athletes to share their accomplishments. Andrew is president and founder of the National Gym Association (NGA).

Congratulations from all of us at NGA to you!

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Jodi Lynn German - Pro Figure
Jodi Lynn German

Jodi Lynn German - Pro Figure

Place of Birth: Suffern, New York


State (residence): New York

Available For Posing Exhibitions and/or Seminars: Yes

Occupation: Certified Personal Trainer / Health Coach-Nutritionist

Hobbies: Lifting, training and building muscle

Food: Marshmallow fluff with Peanut butter

Training Since: 2000

Year Turned PRO: 2008

Stats: Height: 5' 7" Weight: Preshow 130 Weight: Show 118

Personal Trainer Since: 2004

Education: College Graduate

Best Body Part: Back

Most Challenging Body Part: Shoulders

Favorite Exercise: Anything legs

Least Favorite Exercise: Abs

Traits You Admire Most In Others: Honesty

Traits You Admire Most In Yourself: Dedication


IFPA Pro card winner 2008
NPC National Qualified

Certificates:ISSA CPT
IIN health Coach
DotFIT CPT/ Nutritional Consultant

BIO: Never give up on desires and dreams. Have patience, work hard and persevere. The moments that are the most difficult is where you grow and gain more strength. It all comes down to consistency. I look forward to continuing my competing career in the physique category. As I grow and evolve, others around me stay motivated and inspired.

Jodi Lynn German

Jodi Lynn German