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Welcome to the NGA Pro Athletes Gallery

Long time NGA show promoters, Francine and Andrew Bostinto, welcome men and women athletes to share their accomplishments. Andrew is president and founder of the National Gym Association (NGA).

Congratulations from all of us at NGA to you!

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Brian Neilsen - Pro Male Physique
Brian Neilsen

Brian Neilsen - Pro Male Physique

Personal: Single, no children

Place of Birth: Illinois


State (residence): Illinois

Available For Posing Exhibitions and/or Seminars: No.

Occupation: Fitness instructor and am looking for a full-time job after earning my degree.

Hobbies: Weightlifting, cooking

Favorite Movie: I like several movies.

Favorite Actor: I don’t really have a favorite actor.

Favorite Band: I like several bands.

Favorite Performer: I like a lot of performers.

Food: All food that’s served for Thanksgiving.

Favorite TV Show: I  don’t  watch  TV that  much. I watch YouTube.

Training since: 2006

Year Turned PRO: 2017

Height: 5' 10 1/2"
Weight: Preshow 176
Weight: Show 162

Education: College Graduate

Best Body Part: Abs

Most Challenging Body Part: Quads

Favorite Exercise: Barbell Bench Press

Least Favorite Exercise: dumbell rows

Traits You Admire Most In Others:
Humility, forgiveness, compassion

Traits You Admire Most In Yourself:
Self-awareness, charisma, dedication

1st Place – 2017 NGA Heart of America (Men’s Physique – Open MW & Overall)
1st Place – 2017 NGA Heart of America (Men’s Physique – Novice)
4th Place – 2017 NPC Mid-Illinois (Men’s Physique – Class C)

BIO: My name is Brian Neilsen and I earned my NGA Pro Card on May 6, 2017.

I began weightlifting in high school and did what I could to get myself into shape. In 2008, I was introduced to Brooke Anderson (former personal trainer at local gym) who helped take my training to the next level. In fact, she was the reason why I started competing as she gave me the confidence to compete in my first bodybuilding show in the teen class. With the additional help of Donna and Doug Donovan (former bodybuilding competitors and gym owners), I took to the stage and placed 2nd in my first bodybuilding show. From there, I competed in three more bodybuilding competitions as a teen and then competed in my last bodybuilding show in the middleweight division.

Although I had taken a break from competing, my interest in fitness grew and with the help of a high school friend, Brianna (Hollingsworth) McFarland, I got a job at a local YMCA and became a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and fitness instructor. During my time working at the YMCA, I helped others improve themselves one day at a time.

I was forming friendships and relationships with my coworkers and clients; however, there is one person that stands out to me. That person was Bob Widman (1953-2015) who not only helped me physically get stronger, but mentally too. He saw all this potential that I didn’t see and was able to reignite the fire. I thank him for all he taught me and will continue to never doubt myself.

In 2015, I competed in my first men’s physique showing placing 11th out of 21st, which ended being a learning experience on how to improve for later. I grew from that experience, both physically and mentally, and trained for my next competition on April 1, 2017. When it was all over, I ended up placing 4th out of 15 in my class proving that my hard work had paid off.

One month later, I decided to compete in the 2017 NGA Heart of America competition on May 6th and I am so glad that I did. I ended up placing 1st in both classes I signed up for and won the overall in men’s physique. To describe that feeling of succeeding at something you’ve worked so hard for can’t be explained through words.

All I can say is that I am truly blessed and I thank God for everything and everyone in my life. I also need to thank my family (Mom, Poppy, Abby, Gracy) and relatives for their continued love and support. Finally, I need to thank my “gym family” (Denetta and Angelo Flamingo, Jeremiah Kinkin, and all the members of the gym) for their continued encouragement.

To end off, all I can say to anyone out there who has a goal or dream is to take initiative and make someday be today.

Brian Neilsen