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Welcome to the NGA Pro Athletes Gallery

Long time NGA show promoters, Francine and Andrew Bostinto, welcome men and women athletes to share their accomplishments. Andrew is president and founder of the National Gym Association (NGA).

Congratulations from all of us at NGA to you!

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Catt Campbell - Pro Male Physique
Catt Campbell

Catt Campbell - Pro Male Physique

Personal: 3 boys

Facebook: Catt Campbell

State (residence): Florida

Available for posing exhibitions and/or seminars: Yes

Occupation: Personal trainer

Hobbies: Going fishing, going to the studio making music, playing poker, training is my hobby and also my way of life 

Pro Athlete Training since: 2003

Year Turned PRO: 2013

Stats: Height: 5' 10" Weight: Preshow 165 Weight: Show 155

2014 New Jersey Classic Ormond Beach - 1st place
2014 Florida Classic, Men’s Open - 4th place
2013 Abraham Fitness Championships -1st place
2013 Flamingo Championships - 4th place 
2013 Pro Galaxy - 4th place
2013 NGA American National Championships - 4th place

Personal Training: 2003

Certified Personal Trainer: Since 2009

Certificates: Certified ordained minister, Carpentry associate, Personal trainer, Certified fork lift operator / QC inspector. 

BIO: On the date of August 14, 2003 I was a victim of a random act of violence in down town Fort Lauderdale FL. I was shot three times at point blank range, I was in a coma for seven days. It took me several months to be able to walk again. I than became a machine, trained harder than i ever did before. "Beast Mode", I trained hard, worked hard, and played hard, but it still wasn't enough.

Now I dedicate my spirit, body, mind, and soul to people that are victims and less fortunate by promoting good health and prosperity through a natural organic product known as Nanny Maroon Hills Roots and Tonics. The Paraplegic Foundation is one way I give back. A friend of mine was a victim of a random act of violence now he is paralyzed for the rest of his life.

I then made it my goal to succeed in more than one way. As a father of three boys I must man up and be strong for them, my family, friends and love ones. So now I train 6 days a week some times twice a day, I became a personal trainer in 2009 now I dedicate myself to train people with one instinct to become one with self, spirit, body, mind and soul. It is my dream to own a gym for people in need or that lost their way. I believe in second chances no one is perfect all we can do is try to be perfect as the lord allows. So when I do a show, I do it for my kids, family, friends and loved ones as well as my friend Ronald E. McDaniel and all the paraplegics around the world.


Catt Campbell

Catt Campbell

Catt Campbell