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Welcome to the NGA Pro Athletes Gallery

Long time NGA show promoters, Francine and Andrew Bostinto, welcome men and women athletes to share their accomplishments. Andrew is president and founder of the National Gym Association (NGA).

Congratulations from all of us at NGA to you!

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John (Jack) Mades - Pro Master Bodybuilder
John (Jack) Mades

John (Jack) Mades - Pro Master Bodybuilder

Personal: Single, Children


Facebook: Jack Mades

State (residence): Virginia

Available for posing exhibitions and/or seminars: Yes

Occupation: Military

Hobbies: Personal Fitness, Extreme Sports, Science and Philosophy reading

NGA Pro Athlete: Master Bodybuilder

Pro Athlete Training Since: 1996

Year Turned PRO: 2011

Stats: Height: 5' 10" Weight: Preshow 212 Weight: Show 185

Education: College Graduate

BIO: Personal fitness is a journey, not a destination. There are stories everywhere we turn in life that inspire us. I find motivation every time I enter the gym. Recently I met a man who was just back from Afghanistan. He was shot in the head and lost the sight in both his eyes, yet here he was in the gym hitting it hard (he's built like a line backer).

Every time I think I can't do another rep or the pain is getting intense, I remember him and know: If he can do that I can put up with a little pain!

John (Jack) Mades