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Welcome to the NGA Certified Personal Trainer Gallery

The National Gym Association comprises a board of directors and faculty staff that include Medical Directors, PhD's, Masters in Medical Biology and Nutrition, Promoters, Personal Trainers, Current Bodybuilding Champions and many more. All are dedicated to the betterment of all-natural, drug free bodybuilding and providing world class certified professional fitness training programs.

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Kevin Smith - NGA Certified Personal Trainer
Carlos Villanueva

Kevin Smith - NGA Certified Personal Trainer

Personal: Married, 2 children

Place of Birth: Elizabeth, New Jersey



Facebook: Flex Smith

State of residence: Florida

Available For Posing Exhibitions and/or Seminars: Yes

Occupation: Owner of a Health and Wellness Company, Pro Athlete, Motivator and Success Coach

Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and kids, traveling, reading, helping people change their lives, and new adventures.

Favorite Movie: The Last Dragon

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite Band: 112

Favorite Performer: Chris Brown

Food: Belgian Waffles

Favorite TV Show: Dragonball Z

Pro AthleteTraining since: 2008

Year Turned PRO: 2016

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: Preshow 210
Weight: Show 200

Personal Trainer Since: 6/2013

NGA Personal Trainer Since: 8/2018

Education: College Graduate

Best Body Part: My Abdominals

Most Challenging Body Part: My Calves

Favorite Exercise: I love it all!

Least Favorite Exercise: I have to love it all. Fitness is who I am.

Traits You Admire Most In Others:
Everyone is different. I admire people who are their real self.

Traits You Admire Most In Yourself:
My confidence and perseverance.


2018 NGA Ultimate Fitness Championship, Heavy Weight, 2nd Place
2016 Clearwater Supernatural, Heavy Weight, 1st Place and Overall
2015 Clearwater Supernatural, Lt. Heavy Weight, 2nd Place
2015 Dexter Jackson Classic, Lt. Heavy Weight, 4th Place
2014 Clearwater Supernatural, Lt. Heavy Weight, 4th Place
2013 NPC Southeastern USA, Welter Weight, 5th Place

American Council on Exercise
NGA Certified Personal Trainer
Sports Conditioning Specialist

BIO: Kevin is an ABFF Professional Bodybuilder, an NGA Certified Personal Trainer, and an ACE Certified Personal trainer with a specialty in Sports Conditioning. His passion for fitness stems from his exposure to the martial arts world as a child. When Kevin was 8 years old, he began taking Sho-Kin classes with his Uncle, the owner of the Hillside Sho-Kin Karate Academy in New Jersey. Through his training, Kevin was taught to master two important skills: how to individually activate his body parts to execute strong and precise body movements, and how to control his breathing to maximize his power. The importance of muscle and mind connection remains at the core of everything Kevin teaches in The BodySmith Plan.

People teach in a variety of ways. A musician communicates their message through their ability to sing a song or play an instrument. Kevin's song, or his instruments, are tools he utilizes through fitness and health. Kevin teaches people how to live longer and better lives through the best way he knows how, because he does it every day. Kevin eats well, he trains, and he has learned proper methods that he is able to teach others.

The mission is to utilize health and wellness to encourage people to be the best person they can possibly be – and more. The intention is to inspire an awakening moment. Focusing on yourself, and improving yourself, becomes addicting. You just want to do better. By taking this journey with Kevin, you will maximize all of your potential.

Not only will he work with you to transform your body... Kevin will transform your life!

Kevin Smith