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NGA Faculty and Staff

Mark Yoslow - (BA, MA, CPT, PHD)
Writer, NGA Certification Manual
A science writer who has several editorial credits and is author of Drugs in the Body: Effects of Abuse. Is co-author of several articles for bodybuilding magazines. He is an experienced marathon runner, cyclist and bodybuilder.

Aaron Krac - (MS, HSD)
Writer, NGA Certification Examination
Associate Professor of Health Education, at Queensboro Community College, CUNY. Focused on exercise physiology in graduate school, received his MA in Physical Ed. from PA State University and earned his doctoral degree in health education at Indiana University. He has taught health education at the college level for over 20 years.

Richard Yaldizian - (MD)
NGA Medical Director
Dr. Yaldizian is an internist specializing in physical rehabilitation medicine. He is Director of Medi-Yale Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine/Disease Prevention.

Paul Branda - (MS, RD)
NGA Associate Medical Director
An internist who spent many years working in physical medicine and rehabilitation both in Europe as well as in the United States.

Caryn Nistico - (MS, RD)
NGA Nutrition Director
She earned her masters in medical biology and nutrition and is currently a nutritionist in to physicians, in hospitals, nursing homes and home care agencies.

Berl A. Michel - (MS, DC)
NGA Sports Injury Director
A chiropractor specializing in the care and prevention of sports injuries, holds an MS in Exercise Physiology; former faculty member, Sports Science & Performance Research and Strength & Conditioning Specialist for the University of Florida.

Dennis Lee - (BA, MS, FSC)
NGA Copy Editor
He is a writer in the field of strength training, natural bodybuilding and fitness. English Teaches English with and educational background from Fordham and St. John University.